Never Come Never Go Railroad 

Modeling the Nevada County Narrow Gauge and the Southern Pacific in HO Scale

The Never Come Never Go Railroad is based upon the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad (NCNG) and the Southern Pacific Railroad (SP).  The NCNG ran from Nevada City, California to Colfax where it met the SP.  The NCNG was sold for scrap in 1942.  In my world the NCNG never died.  It was merged into the SP, standard gauged, and still runs.

Like most layouts, the NCNG depicts some reality and some fantasy.  While some of the buildings are scale models of the actual buildings found on the real NCNG, most are my interpretation of what should have been.

The model railroad is centered around Colfax where cars are interchanged between the SP mainline and the NCNG branchline.  The SP mainline runs from Roseville to Reno (Sparks).  Roseville and Reno share a double ended staging yard located underneath Colfax.  The only town actually modeled on the mainline is Colfax.  Other towns between Roseville and Reno are located on hidden track.

The NCNG starts at Colfax and proceeds to Chicago Park, Grass Valley and then on to Nevada City. 

The layout utilizes Digitrax DCC with radio throttles.  The block signals on the mainline are controlled by Railroad & Co. (RR &  Co) software and CTI Signalman boards.  Track occupancy and turnout position information is provided to the RR & Co software by Digitrax BDL-162 detectors and all of the mainline turnouts are controlled by Digitrax DS-54 stationary decoders.  All of the pieces of rolling stock have resistor wheelsets so that they can be detected.  The signals themselves are Sunrise Enterprises bi-color LEDs that display 3 aspects (Red, Green, & Yellow).  In addition to the physical signals, there are also signal indications and turnout position indicators located on fascia panels and control panels located around the layout. 

Each town has at least one control panel and sometimes more.  I put almost all of the control panels in drawers so that they do not obstruct the walk ways.  This also has the added benefit of being able to build or repair the panel at the work bench.  All panels have plugs so that the drawer can be removed.

NOTE:  Some pictures can be enlarged by doubling clicking the displayed image. 

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