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Food Storage


As farms produce food, the food resources need to be stored and accumulated for future purchases. Food storage buildings are used for this.  Just like the other buildings, food storage buildings may be leveled up as the stronghold is upgraded. By leveling these, it increases the maximum amount of food that can be stored/used at any given time. Food that is still in the farms isn't able to be used until it is collected.  The maximum storage for each resource can be found by tapping the food bars at the top of the Base or Map screens

As the game progresses, larger amounts of food will be required for various tasks. If max storage isn't sufficient to hold the required amount, it will be necessary to upgrade food storage and build new food storage. (Space for building new food storage is unlocked as the stronghold is upgraded.)

Food storage upgrades may be purchased with iron that is created in the forges.  Food storage buildings may be moved, but not deleted.