Creating an Alliance

An alliance can be created by anyone who is not currently joined to an alliance.  It costs 50 gems to create a new one.

Each alliance has a leader (the person who creates the alliance.)  The leader can designate other roles to other members to be Elders or Co-owners, which gives them management rights to the group.  

When creating a new alliance, a leader must:
  • Name it
  • Provide a short description
  • Choose a team icon
  • set amount of Required Trophies to join (A minimum number that a member must have to be able to join. It may be set to 0.)
  • and set the alliance type
    • Open means anyone can join if they meet the set trophy requirement
    • Invite means only people who are invited by the leader or other management members may join

Leaders may choose to kick members out of the alliance at any time.