Mission and Values


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As part of our preparations for the development of the Club Strategy members were asked for their input to a draft mission statement and club values.
Here are some of the initial thoughts on what we feel we stand for as a club. This will form part of the the basis of the forthcoming Club Strategy. 

Our Mission and Values

We will give anyone interested in cricket the opportunity to play, and strive to play on the surface cricket is supposed to be played on. We will seek to play on grass!

We will have 45 Over Finnish League first XI, T20 Open (not 2008) and Junior and Veteran T20 Developmental League teams.
We will operate on the principles of openess and transparency.

We will seek to get women interested in playing the game.

We will organise and manage our club in order to encourage and support junior recruitment and development as far as possible.

We will seek to introduce Finns to the sport as much as possible and seek ways of raising the profile of the game for the benefit of the sport in general. We will also ensure that Finns are encouraged to play by filling an increasing number of team places with the most talented Finnish members (not neccesarily the best players in the Club). The Club's membership fee structure will be looked at in future years so as to design in subsidies for new entrants from non-cricketing nations as far as possible.

We will at the same time also endeavour to maintain our high level of cultural diversity by continually attracting members from all possible ethinic backgrounds while growing the Club's membership base. We will work against the racial polarisation trend that is sometimes evident in many clubs by seeking to have a good mix of members and having fun together as our basic philosophy. We will work against racism by ensuring our club is multicultural and tolerant of all cultures and nationalities. The mixing of so many cultures is one of the great benefits of cricket.

We will continue to play cricket for fun first and foremost and will seek to make our fixtures family occasions as far as possible.

We will always play cricket in the true spirit in which it was intended to be played. We walk if we are out, we respect the Umpire's decisions in all matters, we welcome our opponents onto the pitch and applaud them, show respect towards our opponents and we always feed and entertain our visiting teams with the best teas in the FCA League.

We will also support and encourage new clubs and work for more native Finnish participation in the game of cricket, we will organise cricket courses for schools, social events, local friendly matches, overseas tours and help our members develop a love and affection for the sport.

Whilst achieving these objectives we will of course aim to develop a competive and successful team but never at the expense of the higher principles outlined above. Success on the field is desirable, sought after, and gives purpose to competition but winning is not everything. However - Turku Indoor Champions 2007 below!
It is therefore vital that any organisation to which we belong or are affiliated (such as the Finnish Cricket Association-FCA) and the clubs we play against in the Finnish domestic leagues have similar basic principles as our own and that they too work genuinely towards them. We will not support anything else.

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