It is summer again here in Finland, which means we now say good bye to our winter home at Palomylly and hello to our summer co-home (with SKK), Ruskeasuo. Weather permitting, we have scheduled training every Tuesday and Friday starting at 17:30. All kit (bats, balls, pads, gloves etc) are available from the club's equipment, so you are always welcome even though you don't have any of your own. SKK has been nice enough to let us use their nets and mat, so please we should take extra care at training with their equipment. We are eternally grateful SKK for your support.

More training information, including cancellations will always be posted on our 
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Training details:
Location: Ruskeasuo, Helsinki
Address: Ratsastie 6, 00280 Helsinki, Finland
Date: Starting Friday May 4th, every Tuesday and Friday until September 2012
Time: 17:30 - 20:30

Ruskeasuo is gravel ground just outside the city center in the middle of the Helsinki Central Park, where cricket has been played for a number of years. 
Facilities include a changing shed where you can also store your cricket equipment, a cafe and other sports facilities for example a gym and indoor courts

Ruskeasuo Cricket Ground

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Our winter indoor training has now (as of May 1st 2012)  ended.

For the third winter in a row, we are making Pallomylly in Myllypuro, Helsinki our winter home. The Empire 2011/2012 winter training will take place every Saturday night starting on October 22 and continue until the end of April. Pallomylly is a great sports facility built in 2009 and offers a football sized artificial grass surface perfect for cricket. In cooperation with the Finnish Cricket Association we have rent half the hall and have the use of the batting nets. The sports hall is conveniently located within
 10 minutes walk from the Myllypuro metro station on the Mellunmäki line. 
The cost per member will be €3 per session or €25 for the rest of the training sessions until April 29 2012. If there are any difficulties with paying this, the club can always come to an agreement or another payment schedule. 

Training details
Date: Saturday October 22 2011 until April 29 2012 (a total of 25 sessions)
Time: 21:00 - 22:30

Address Myllypuron Pallomylly

Pikajuoksijankuja 9
00920 Helsinki

Check the Empire calender for training details