Supporting the Game and Making it Fun!


Coaching Beginners

We are fully committed to introducing the game to young Finns and to this end we now have 5 English County Cricket Board (ECB) trained coaches who will be seeking to introduce the game of cricket in a fun way to youngsters in and around Eastern Helsinki area.

Attracting and Developing Young Players

The game has to be fun to attract younger players and there needs to be a suitable level of competition at which young players can compete. We at Empire fully support the development and strenghtening of any initiatives to improve general coaching ability across the Finnish game and wish to actively help retain and develop the T20 Developmental level format of the game (T20 eight-a-side) as the critical focal point for cricketing youth development.

2009 Update - Unfortunately we have had to withdraw from the T20 Developmental League fro 2009 due to lack of numbers. 

Junior Development and Retention

We at Empire put our money where our mouth is. We have structured the club membership fees so as to massively subsidise the fees for our U21 players as well as for students and the unemployed. Our U21 members can now play a whole season (2009) of cricket for 20€!

Annual Free Scholarship Award

We also award one free scholarship every year to one of our existing U21, Student or Unemployed members. The scholarship exempts the player from all fees for one season and is designed to help younger members especially.

Club support for our Finnish National Team players

We pay the National Team Development Training costs (training camp costs) for one of our club's national team players each year.

Umpiring and Scoring

An adequate number of qualified umpires is critical to the successful operation of the Finnish domestic league formats. We have 6 fully qualified umpires (including one ACU&S Overseas Qualified Umpire) to support the running of the league system and international level cricket umpiring.

You can also learn how to score a cricket match HERE! We are always interested to hear from anyone interested in scoring (a much under valued contribution to the game). Empire CC will organise scoring training at regular intervals to make sure we have enough competent scorers in our ranks.


We are actively seeking to make cricket more financially accessible to younger players.


We have 5 qualified coaches and 6 qualified umpires.