2012 season

For the 2012 season, Empire will compete in the Finnish Cricket Association's 40 over competition, the T20 competition and a yet to be finalized X division. Empire will also organize and participate in various friendlies and tournaments during the summer and we will hopefully play a two innings match vs SKK over 2 days. 

Empire will be in the 2nd division of the FCA's competition. There will be 9 teams competing this year with the format being a round robin with every team playing each other once. The winner will be promoted to the first division next year. Here are fixtures for this year. Mind that the fixture list may still have changes.

Day Date FixtureGround Prior season result 
 Sat26.5.2012Empire CC           vs         Tampere CCMessukyläEmpire 287 ao; Tampere CC 167 ao. Empire won by 120 runs.   
 Sat 9.6.2012Empire CC           vs         SKKRuskeasuoDid not play last year.
 Sun 17.6.2012Empire CC           vs         KeravaKerava Empire 146 ao; Kerava 148 - 6. Kerava won by 4 wickets and  Empire 179 - 7; Kerava 178 ao. Empire won by 3 wickets.    
 Sat 30.6.2012Empire CC           vs          Turku   Pansio Empire 164 ao; Turku CC 287 - 8. Turku CC won by 123 runs.  
 Sun 8.7.2012Empire CC           vs          Shauriya LeppavääraDid not play last year
 Sat 14.7.2012Empire CC           vs         Vaasa RuskeasuoDid not play last year
 Sat12.8.2012Empire CC           vs         Espoo Knock
 KeravaEmpire 209 ao; Espoo B 221 - 6. Espoo won by 12 runs.and Empire 191 - 7; Espoo B 188 ao. Empire won by 3 wickets.  
 Sat 18.8.2012  Empire CC           vs         Bengal Tigers   Ruskeasuo Empire 124 - 6; Bengal Tigers 123 ao. Empire won by 4 wickets and   Empire 154 ao; Bengal Tigers 155 - 7. Bengal Tigers won by 3 wickets.   

With a semi-final showing last season, Empire is excited to be competing in the expanded T20 competition this year as well. There will not be 16 teams with teams outside the Helsinki region welcomed for the first time and this includes a team from Tallinn, Estonia. Empire is in a group with the two Turku teams, Finnasia and Turku CC and the Bengal Tigers. Here are the fixtures, these are also subject to change. The winner of each group goes to the semi-finals. 

Day Day  FixtureGroundPrior season result   
 Wed 13.7.2012Empire CC           vs         Bengal TigersKeravaEmpire 166 for 5 - Bengal Tigers 162 for 7. Empire win by 5 wickets  
Sat 28.7.2012Empire CC           vs         TurkuPansioDid not play in T20 last year
Sat28.7.2012Empire CC           vs         Finnasia Pansio Did not play in T20 last year

For this year, the FCA has re-constituted the developmental league under the aegis of the X-division. Empire is proud to be part of this competition and will be competing again Töks (Finnish Juniors), the Helsinki Metropolitans and Ekenäs in a round robin format of T20 matches. These matches are intended for our more social members, meaning guys don't get much chance to play in the Empire 1st team. Here is the fixture list.  Here are the fixtures, these are also subject to change.  

Day Day  FixtureGround Result
 Wed 30.5.2012Empire CC           vs         MetropolitansKerava 
Sun 8.7.2012Empire CC           vs         TöksKerava
Sat11.8.2012Empire CC           vs         EkenäsEkenäs 

Alongside, the FCA organized competitions, we at Empire always make sure there are enough friendlies to quench the incredible cricket appetite we have for cricket. We have scheduled the following friendlies with more surely to come.  

Day Date FixtureGround Result
 Sun 13.5.201240 over a side: Empire CC           vs         SKKRuskeasuo SKK win by 6 wickets.
 Fri19.5.2012T20: Empire CC           vs         ShauriyaLeppavaaraShauriya win by 14 runs
 Sat,Sun 2.6.2012 and 3.6.20122 innings test match: Empire CC vs SKKKerava 
 Sat 28.7.2012Suomenlinna tournament Suomelinna 
 Sat 4.8.2012, TBDSKK sixes tournament  Ruskeasuo
 Sat August/ September 2102Viapori Cup Suomenlinna

We are also looking into playing a friendly against Ekenäs and the Metropolitans like last year. And who can forget the Old Boys. Please contact Shaun van den Dobbelsteen if your club is interested in playing Empire in a friendly this coming summer.

2011 Season

During the 2011 season, Empire participated in the SM40 2nd divison, T20 competition and also participated in various friendlies during the year.
After a poor start, Empire finished 6th out of 8 team in SM40, but finished on a high note by winning 3 out of our last 4 matches to finish with a final record of 4 wins and 6 losses.
Empire to everyone surprise made it to the semi-finals of the T20 competition, finishing second in our group and losing to eventual winners Vantaa CC in the semi-finals. 
During the year Empire organized and participated in 8 friendlies and tournaments with highlights including the Turku Indoor Tournament, the Viapori Cup, the SKK sixes and friendlies in Ekenas and Suomenlinna vs the Helsinki Metropolitans. 

Empire SM 40 2nd division results

 Day Date FixtureGround Result
 Sun 15.5.2011Empire CC           vs         Kerava CCRuskeasuo Empire 146 ao; Kerava 148 - 6. Kerava won by 4 wickets
 Sat 21.5.2011Empire CC           vs         VSKRajakylä Empire 197 ao; VSK 201 - 9. VSK won by 4 runs
 Sat 28.5.2011Empire CC           vs         Espoo B Ruskeasuo  Empire 209 ao; Espoo B 221 - 6. Espoo won by 12 runs.
 Sat 11.6.2011Empire CC           vs          Turku   Pansio Empire 164 ao; Turku CC 287 - 8. Turku CC won by 123 runs.
 Sat 2.7.2011Empire CC           vs          Tampere Messukylä Empire 287 ao; Tampere CC 167 ao. Empire won by 120 runs. 
 Sun 10.7.2011Empire CC           vs         Finnasia  Kerava Empire 125 ao; Finnasia 126 - 3. Finnasia won by 7 wickets.
 Sat30.7.2011Empire CC           vs         Bengal Tigers
 Ruskeasuo Empire 124 - 6; Bengal Tigers 123 ao. Empire won by 4 wickets. 

 Sat 13.8.2011Empire CC           vs         Espoo B  Ruskeasuo  Empire 191 - 7; Espoo B 188 ao. Empire won by 3 wickets. 
 Sun 21.8.2011Empire CC           vs         Kerava CC  Kerava Empire 179 - 7; Kerava 178 ao. Empire won by 3 wickets. 
 Sat 27.8.2011Empire CC           vs         Bengal Tigers Kaisaniemi  Empire 154 ao; Bengal Tigers 155 - 7. Bengal Tigers won by 3 wickets.

Empire T20 results

Day Day  FixtureGround Result
 Wed 13.7.2011Empire CC           vs         FPCKerava FPC 156 for 4; Empire 157 for 5 (20 overs) Empire win by 5 wickets.
Wed 20.7.2011Empire CC           vs         Helsinki CCKeravaEmpire 124 all out - Helsinki CC 125 for 3. Helsinki CC win by 7 wickets
Tue26.7.2011Empire CC           vs         Bengal Tigers Ruskeasuo  Empire 166 for 5 - Bengal Tigers 162 for 7. Empire win by 5 wickets

T20 Semifinal result

Day Day  FixtureGround Result
 Sat 20.8.2011Empire CC           vs        Vantaa CCKerava Empire CC 117 all out - Vantaa CC 182 for 5. Vantaa win by 65 runs. 

Empire friendlies and tournaments

Day Date FixtureGround Result
 Sun 5.6.2011Empire CC           vs         Old Boys XIRuskeasuo Empire CC 155 all out - Old Boys XI 258 all out. Old Boys win by 103 runs.
 Sat 3.7.2011Empire CC           vs         SKK SocialistsRuskeasuoSKK socialists win.
 Sat 16.7.2011Suomenlinna friendly tournament with Old Boys, Phoenix, Navy MTS and EkenäsSuomenlinna 
 Sat 23.7.2011SKK sixes tournament   Ruskeasuo Empire lose to Old Boys, but beat the Aussie Bar VI and SKK ROW. Finish second in group. 
 Sat 20.8.2011Empire CC           vs          Ekenäs Ekenäs 
 Sat 10.9.2011Viapori Cup SuomenlinnaOur own Dhina was named cricket with the Best Supporting role during the tournament, awarded to the tournament's best batsman and the cricketer with the best attitude. 
 Sat 17.9.2011 Empire CC          vs         Helsinki Mets Suomenlinna Empire win. 

Previous seasons

Empire has been playing organized cricket since 2004, though we have never won a FCA competition, Empire has taken home silverware with victory in the 2007 Turku indoor tournament. We were also close to winning an indoor league championship in 2008 narrowly losing out to SKK in the finals. 
Note: Not all years are available. 

 Year Competition Position Finish
 2010/2011 Indoor league 4th Empire finished 4th in the preliminary round and lost in semi-final. Empire finished 4th overall. 
 2010 FCA SM40  6th Empire finished 6th out of 7 teams. Empire won 3 matches and lost 9. Points scored: 24 points.
 2010 Turku indoor tournament NA Empire finished 3rd in their group and were eliminated in the preliminary round.
 2009/2010Indoor league   4th Empire finished 4th out of 7 teams, winning 5 matches, losing 6 and tie-ing 1. Points scored: 35 points.
 2009 FCA SM40 4thEmpire finished 4th out of 7 teams. Empire won 6 matches and lost 6. Points scored: 48 points.  
 2009 FCA T20 8th Empire finished last out of 8 teams. Empire lost all 6 matches. 
 2008/2009Indoor league   2ndEmpire finished 5th in the preliminary round, but got to the final. However we lost to SKK. Empire finished 2nd overall.   
 2006 FCA SM45 10th Empire finished 10th of 12 teams. Empire won 3 matchees and lost 7. Points scored: 20 points.
 2006 FCA T20 2ndEmpire finished 2nd out of 4 teams. Empire won 2 matches and lost 1. Points scored: 8 points.