The Empiricists 

Empire's Friendly XI

Are always happy to play fellow clubs' friendly teams. Any format, any time.  

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Team Selection:

1. First shout goes to any players not having had an SM40 or a T20 Competition outing.

2. Second shout goes to those who have played in the fewest number of games.

3. Any of our Social Members are then permitted to make up the numbers.

4. We have also been known to take refugees from SKK and MTS under our wing also!

All players will be encouraged to try out new fielding positions!

The honour of leading the Empiricists will be decided on each match day.

Extra curricular activities after each game are of course compulsory!

Scorers and umpires will usually bought a few beers (afterwards that is).

We always need dependable scorers and so if you fancy a go and want to cut your teeth in a friendly game then have a look at these training materials first: Learn to Score


The emphasis is on good natured, friendly competition and having fun! We will try to win of course, but never at the expense of sportsmanship, good manners and the true spirit of cricket.

Are cricketers born, or are they made?

In the true tradition of empirical thinking, the doctrine of the Empiricists advocates the fielding of highly "experimental" squads based on the principle that cricketing skills development and improved knowledge of the game should be based on perceptual experience and not left to intuition or revelation.


Day Date FixtureGround Result
 Sun 5.6.2011Empire CC           vs         Old Boys XIRuskeasuo Empire CC 155 all out - Old Boys XI 258 all out. Old Boys win by 103 runs.
 Sat 3.7.2011Empire CC           vs         SKK SocialistsRuskeasuoSKK socialists win.
 Sat 16.7.2011Suomenlinna friendly tournament with Old Boys, Phoenix, Navy MTS and EkenäsSuomenlinna 
 Sat 23.7.2011SKK sixes tournament   Ruskeasuo Empire lose to Old Boys, but beat the Aussie Bar VI and SKK ROW. Finish second in group. 
 Sat 20.8.2011Empire CC           vs          Ekenäs Ekenäs 
 Sat 10.9.2011Viapori Cricket Club SuomenlinnaOur own Dhina was named cricket with the Best Supporting role during the tournament, awarded to the tournament's best batsman and the cricketer with the best attitude. 
 Sat 17.9.2011 Empire CC          vs         Helsinki Mets Suomenlinna Empire win. 


Our first outing in 2008 was the Turku Indoor Tournament on April 19th where were the defending 2007 Champions. Silver medal honours this year, and a great title defence effort, made it a great day out!

17.05.2008 - 40 overs - Empiricists v SKK Socialists at Rajakylä, Socialists 190 for 9, Empiricists 185 all out, Socialists by 5 runs.

01.06.2008 - T20 friendly - Empiricists v Vantaa CC at Rajakylä, Vantaa 136 for 6, Empire 112 for 5, Vantaa by 24 runs. 

29.06.2008 Empiricists XI vs SKK Socialists at Rajakylä, SKK 132-6 (30 overs), Empire 134-5 (off 28 overs) - EMPIRICISTS WIN

Summer Tour - Empiricists XI v Estonian National Team 

Trip to Estonia to play the Estonian National Team The Baltics and catch some of the First Test - England v South Africa in local PUB.

11.07.2008 Fri - T20 Empiricists XI v Estonian National Team, Estonia 232/7 Empire 108 all out 
12.07.2008 Sat  - 30 overs Empiricists XI v Estonian National Team, Estonia 221 all out Empire 78 all out

27.07.2008 Empiricists XI v SKK Socialists at Rajakylä, Empiricists 229 for 9, Socialists 230 for 9, Socialists by 1 wicket.

A full list of other fixtures and results in 2008 can be found HERE


Despite a packed 2007 fixtures list we were able to arrange a few friendlies with other teams in and around Helsinki as well as further afield! 

Turku Indoor Tournament on 29th April 2007 - WE WON IT!

08.05.07 T20(8) - Empiricists friendly versus MTS/Navy-Suomenlinna - A WIN FOR CRICKET!

17.05.07 Empiricists v FPC-Viikki -30 over FRIENDLY, FPC 150/10, Empire 151/2. Empiricists by 8 wickets EMPIRICISTS WIN          

09.06.07 Empiricists-v-SKK Socialists-Viikki - 45 over FRIENDLY, Socialists 169/10, Empiricists 170/3 - Empiricists by 7 wickets - EMPIRCISTS WIN        

Summer Tour to Sweden 21st to 24th JuneJinnah Cup T20 Tournament in Stockholm: 22.06.07 Baerum CC (Norway) v Empiricists, Empiricists 104/6, Baerum CC by 4 wickets, 22.06.07 Empire CC v Jinnah CC (Sweden), Empire 141/7, Jinnah CC by 6 wickets, 23.06.07 Sigtuna CC (Sweden) v Empire CC, ended in a TIE.

21.07.07 Empiricists-v-Bengal Tigers- 30 over friendly, Rajakylä, Tigers 178/8, Empiricists 164 all out, Tigers by 14 runs.

12.08.07  Empiricists-v-Bengal Tigers- 35 over friendly, Kaisaniemi, Bengal Tigers 214/6,  Empiricists 173/10, Tigers by 41 runs.   

25.08.07 Empiricists v SKK Socialists - Ruskeasuo - Empire 193/10, SKK 194/8, SKK by 2 wickets.

How did we get on? Check Match Reports.

Want to invite the Empiricists to play a friendly and share a few pints afterwards?