2012 Membership Fees

Annual membership fee

During the Empire Cricket Club annual general meeting, our membership voted and agreed as was the case in 2011 on one flat fee for all categories of members. 

For 2012, membership fee to join Empire Cricket Club is €60

This does not include the FCA player's licence fee, match fees or indoor training)

Annual membership fees can be paid directly to the Empire Krikettiklubi account (Nordea 146930 229324) or in cash BEFORE May 1 2012

In order to guarantee that all potential are eligible to play in FCA sanctioned events, we ask all members to pay before May 1 2012.


Match fees

To increase fairness within the club Empire cricket club charges match fees to cover ground costs only for players selected in the playing 11. 

For 2012 match fees are as follows:

1. €5 for FCA SM40 matches at home and away with exception of out of region matches - Turku, Tampere or Oulu, when match fees will be waived in favour of meeting transport costs to paid directly to the driver (approx. €10)

2. €3 T20 for each player at home and away 

3. Other matches as per organiser's arrangement

If anyone has any problem paying the fees by the date above, please contact and we can see if we can arrange a payment scheme.

Want to become a member, just send us an email and we will provide you with all the details

Contact us at: empirecricketclub@gmail.com

Eligibility for Team Selection in the FCA Leagues (SM40 & T20):

In 2011 the old FCA fee will give way to a Registration Fee to be lodged with the SLU - The Finnish Sports Regulatory Body.
This means that the registration and payment of fee of club members will be completely handled by the SLU. In order to register each member wanting to play in the FCA leagues must complete the following form https://sporttilisenssi.slu.fi/.

For 2012, the FCA us yet to be determined. 

The 2011 FCA fee was a follows (just for referencing, FCA fees are subject to change): 

1. FCA fee excluding SLU insurance: 25 euros (22 euros is to cover FCA administration costs and 3 euros to cover SLU administration costs) or;
2. FCA fee including SLU insurance: 83 euros (25 euros FCA plus 58 euros for insurance premium) - recommended

In order to be eligible for our first SM 40 league match, registration and payment must be completed no later than Tuesday May 3rd 2011.

Waiting time: The FCA has introduced a one week waiting time for new registrations before they are eligible to play. Registration is still possible, but this waiting time will be observed

before a new player can become eligible to play. 

Click here for the SLU registration form. 

Members wishing to take part in friendly matches - or other competitions organised outside the SM40 and T-20 leagues - will not have to pay the FCA/SLU registration fee.

Empire Cricket Club Scholarship

One annual Empire "scholarship" will be offerd each year to an EXISTING Junior, Student or Unemployed Member (at the discretion of the Club Committee)  Applications are to be sent to the Club Secretary. Award of a scholarship will be decided by the whole membership by way of a vote (if there are multiple candidates). A decision will be made by 31st March each year.