2012 SM40 Division 2


The FCA's heirloom league, the two tiered SM40 league, is the main contributor of the fixtures for the summer and Empire as it has done since the beginning of its existence will again place its main focus in doing as well as possible. Empire will be participating in the 2nd division of the league with 8 other teams. The winner of the 2nd division will be promoted to the 1st division automatically, with the bottom 5 teams most like being relegated to the to be created and confirm 3rd division next year. The league format is a one round robin league with teams playing 40 over per side innings. 

The teams participating in the SM40 2nd division are: 

 SM 40 2nd division teams
 Empire CC
 Bengal Tigers 
 Turku CC
 Tampere CC
 Shauriya - new club for 2012
 Espoo Knock
 Vaasa CC
 Kerava CC

Fixture list and results

Day Date FixtureGround Result
 Sat26.5.2012Empire CC           vs         Tampere CCMessukyläEmpire CC 163 ao (33.1 overs) - Tampere 163 ao (34 overs). Match ends in a tied. Empire points: 4
MOM: Nitin - 92 runs, Sawan - 4 wickets 
 Sat 9.6.2012Empire CC           vs         SKKRuskeasuo
 Sun 17.6.2012Empire CC           vs         KeravaKerava
 Sat30.6.2012Empire CC           vs          Turku   PansioMoved to 30.6.2012
 Sun 8.7.2012Empire CC           vs          Shauriya Leppaväära
 Sat 14.7.2012Empire CC           vs         Vaasa Ruskeasuo
 Sat12.8.2012Empire CC           vs         Espoo Knock
 Sat 18.8.2012  Empire CC           vs         Bengal Tigers   Ruskeasuo