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(Zaki 2013)

Title:  Empathy as a choice - 3: “Growing” empathy
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Authors:  Jamil Zaki
Date:   August 22, 2013

"how we might intervene to “grow” people’s empathy. A flurry of recent interventions has been targeted at answering this question.  Such interventions often rest on the popular model I’ve contested in these posts, under which empathy comprises
    •  (i) skill at understanding others’ emotions, and 
    • (ii) automatic tendencies to share those emotions. ...
A “choice model” totally reframes this discussion, and suggests that instead of trying to make people better at empathizing, interventions should focus on making empathy more desirable....

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  •  choice model
  • making empathy desirable.
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Posted By:   Edwin Rutsch
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[He says frame empathy as being socially desirable and people will be motivated to be more empathic. This is in contrast to telling people to be more empathic (or compassionate). This happens a lot in the compassion community. We are admonished to be more compassionate.]