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(Krznaric 2014)

Book Title: Empathy: Why It Matters, and How to Get It
DOI or website link:  
Publication:  Perigee Books, 2015, 272 pages
Authors:   Roman Krznaric

"I believe that empathy – the imaginative act of stepping into another person’s shoes and viewing the world from their perspective – is a radical tool for social change and should be a guiding light for the art of living."

Topic Area:
general population

Intervention/Methods used:
 (What was the method used to train empathy?)
Book says there are 6 ways or habits to increase empathy.
  •  Habit 1. Switch on Your Empathic Brain
    (culture says we are self interested but we need to understand that we are empathic by nature and our empathy can grow)
  • Habit 2. Make the imaginative Leap: 
    Overcome blocks to empathy 
    • Prejudice, 
    • Authority, 
    • Distance,
    • Denial with imagination
  • Habit 3. Seek Experiential Adventures
    do role taking 
    • acting
    • undercover
    •  travel
    • cooperate with people 
    • and practice
  • Habit 4. Practice the Craft of Conversation 
    a craft
    • be curiosity
    • be open
    •  connect with difficult situations,
  • Habit 5.Travel in Your Armchair
  • Habit 6. Inspire A Revolution
    (Work on creating a cultural wave of empathy with various programs and ideas. occupy had "Empathy Tents)


(Who participated in this study / training?)

About the assessment: 
(How was the change in empathy measures before / after the intervention/method?) 

What was the result?

Posted By:   Edwin Rutsch
(Any other relevant information)

Roman Krznaric Interviewed by Edwin Rutsch