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(Gerdes 2011)

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Publication: Journal of Social Work Education. 
Date:    01/01/2011

"We propose that a targeted and structured explication of empathy is a useful, if not essential, foundation for social work theory and practice. We outline a social work framework for empathy, one that is rooted in an interdisciplinary context, emphasizes recent findings in the field of social cognitive neuroscience, and yet is embedded in a social work context..., students can learn to use their knowledge, values, and skills, informed by empathy, to take empathic action consciously....

Teaching Strategies Designed to Cultivate Empathy
...We now identify a number of teaching techniques that can be used throughout the curriculum, particularly in diversity and practice classes, to develop and enhance the three components of empathy.

Students need a basic understanding of neuroplasticity and mirror neurons, which could easily be incorporated into human behavior courses. In diversity and practice classes we can use a range of experiential activities to help nurture and promote stimulation of students' MNSs, to enable them to experience and understand the emotions and intentions/states of mind of their future clients. Essentially, we want to give rise to "simulations" or "videos" that will play in students' brains when cued through their interactions with clients. Figure 2 outlines a classroom activity that can be used to develop and enhance mirror neurons.

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  • Social Service Community
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  • Study the topic
    • Understand Mirror Neurons
  • Psychodrama
  • Gestalt Techniques
  • Role-Playing
  • Imitative Play
  • Mindfulness
  • Use of Art
  • Conscious Decision Making for Empathic Action
  • Empathic Action: A Policy Example
  • Empathic Action, Not Sympathy

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