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(Fernando 2014)

Title:   Beyond Compassion Fatigue: The Transactional Model of Physician Compassion
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Antonio T. Fernando
January 13, 2014

"Illuminating the specific aspects of physicians’ intrapersonal, interpersonal, clinical, and professional  functioning that may interfere with or enhance compassion allows for targeted interventions to promote  compassion in both education and practice as well as to reduce the barriers that impede it. " 

Topic Area:
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Intervention/Methods used:
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Potential areas for physician intervention include;
  • "education on the nature of compassion "

  • education on " the benefits the doctor, the patient, and their families can derive from compassionate clinical care."

  • "training doctors how to manage their expectations of patient behavior and outcomes"

  • "eight-week program on mindfulness meditation, self-awareness, and communication found sustained improvements in physician empathy."

  • "helping patients to see situations from the perspective of the medical professional"

  • "limiting unnecessary interruptions during the consultation and providing adequate privacy"

  • "work environments should encourage togetherness, collegiality, and mutual support among different disciplines and within the medical hierarchy "


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About the assessment: 
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