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(Rogers 1975)

Title:  Empathic: An Unappreciated Way of Being
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Publication:  (The Counseling Psychologist, 1975, Vol. 5, No. 2-10)
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Authors:   Carl R. Rogers, Ph.D. 
Center for Studies of the Person La Jolla, California

"It is my thesis in this paper that we should re-examine and re-evaluate that very special way of being with another person which has been called empathic. I believe we tend to give too little consideration to an element which is extremely important both for the understanding of personality dynamics and for effecting changes in personality and behavior. It is one of the most delicate and powerful ways we have of using ourselves. In spite of all that has been said and written on this topic, it is a way of being which is rarely seen in full bloom in a relationship. I will start with my own somewhat faltering history in relation to this topic."

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