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(Perry 1975)

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http://dx.doi .org/10.1037/h0076713
Publication:   Journal of Counseling Psychology, 22, 173–179. 
Authors:   Perry, M. A.
Perry, M. A. (1975). Modeling and instructions in training for counselor empathy. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 22, 173–179. http://dx.doi .org/10.1037/h0076713


  1. Assessed the relative contributions of modeling and instructions to training of counselor empathy in a factorial design incorporating 2 instruction conditions (instructions or no instructions) and 3 modeling conditions (high-empathy model, low-empathy model, or no model). 
  2. Ss were 68 clergymen from various religious denominations. Ss wrote responses to a taped client in Phase 1, a training phase, and conducted an interview with a client (actor) in Phase 2, a generalization phase. Instructions had no effect on empathy offered by Ss, but Ss hearing a high-empathy model showed significantly higher empathy in Phase 1 responses than all other Ss. Findings were not significant in Phase 2. 
  3. Reasons for lack of generalization and implications for further research and training are noted. 

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