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(McDevitt + 1991)

Title: "Adolescents' Perceptions of Mothers' and Fathers' Prosocial Actions and Empathic Responses." 
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Publication: YOUTH AND SOCIETY 22/3 (1991):
  • McDevitt, T. M.; 
  • Lennon, R.; 
  • Kopriva, R. J. 
Date:   (1991)
McDevitt, T. M.; Lennon, R.; and Kopriva, R. J. "Adolescents' Perceptions of Mothers' and Fathers' Prosocial Actions and Empathic Responses." YOUTH AND SOCIETY 22/3 (1991):

  • Reviewed in Meta-study (COTTON)*  
  • Looks at adolescents' views regarding their parents' encouragement of prosocial and empathic behavior in relation to those adolescents' scores on measures of prosocial behavior and empathy. Children of highly prosocial/empathic parents were themselves more prosocial/empathic than other adolescents. (COTTON)*


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