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(Jenkins + 2002)

Title:   Can communication skills training alter physicians’ beliefs and behavior in clinics
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J Clin Onc. 2002;20(3):765–9.
  • Jenkins V, 
  • Fallowfield L.
Date:   2002
Jenkins V, Fallowfield L. Can communication skills training alter physicians’ beliefs and behavior in clinics. J Clin Onc. 2002;20(3):765–9.View ArticleGoogle Scholar
Jenkins V, Fallowfield L: Can communication skills training alter physicians’ beliefs and behavior in clinics?. J Clin Oncol. 2002, 20: 765-769. 10.1200/JCO.20.3.765.



RESULTS: Physicians who attended the course showed significantly improved attitudes and beliefs toward psychosocial issues compared with controls (P = .002). This improvement was reflected in the analysis of the videotaped recordings of their communication behaviors with patients. Expressions of empathy were more likely for the course group at T2 than the controls (P = .02), as were open questions (P = .001), appropriate responses to patient cues (P = .005), and psychosocial probing (P= .041). These objective findings were supported by physicians’ self report of changes in communication style during interviews with patients

CONCLUSION: Our results show that a communication skills training intervention using behavioral, cognitive, and affective components not only increases potentially beneficial and more effective interviewing styles but can also alter attitudes and beliefs, thus increasing the likelihood that such skills will be used in the clinical setting.

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