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(Herbek + 1990)

Title:   Empathy Training for Hospital Staff Nurses.
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Publication: GROUP & ORGANIZATIONAL STUDIES 15/3 (1990): 279-295.
  •   Herbek, T. A., 
  •  Yammarino, F. J.
Date:   (1990)
Herbek, T. A., and Yammarino, F. J. "Empathy Training for Hospital Staff Nurses." GROUP & ORGANIZATIONAL STUDIES 15/3 (1990): 279-295.

Herbek T and F Yammarino. 1990. Empathy Training for Hospital Staff Nurses. Group and Organization Studies 15: 279–95.
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  • Mentioned in (COTTON)*  
  • Compares the empathy-scale scores of nurses who participated in an empathy training course with a control group and with their own pre-course scores. Results show that the training enhanced empathy.  (COTTON)*
  • Reviewed in  Meta-study (DEXTER 2012)*
  • Reviewed in  Meta-study  (BRUNERO + 2010)*


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