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(Barnett + 1979)

Title:  Relationship Between Competitiveness and Empathy in 6- and 7-Year-Olds.
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Publication:  DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY 15/2 (1979):
  • Barnett, M. A.; 
  • Matthews, K. A.; 
  • Howard, J. A. 
Date:    (1979)
Barnett, M. A.; Matthews, K. A.; and Howard, J. A. "Relationship Between Competitiveness and Empathy in 6- and 7-Year-Olds." DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY 15/2 (1979): 221- 222.

  • Mentioned in (COTTON)*  
  • Tests the hypothesis that preparing first graders to play a game in a competitive manner would result in lower empathy scores than orienting them to play a game in a cooperative or neutral manner. No relationships were observed between kind of orientation and level of empathy. (COTTON)*


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