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(Fernandez 2002)

In Their Shoes: Examining the Issue of Empathy and Its Place in the Treatment of Offenders
Yolanda Fernandez

Provides clinicians with an in-depth look at empathy and its role in sexual abuse treatment. The book begins with a theoretical discussion of empathy: its origins, definition, and role in human behavior. The measurement of empathy, how empathy develops, the relationship of empathy to social intelligence, self-esteem, aggression, and cognitive distortions are covered in succeeding chapters. The final chapters provide guidelines for both clinician and client empathy training and the use of role-play in empathy training for clients.

"As will become apparent in this book the literature lacks a concise definition or approach to measuring empathy and little has changed in the last 10 years. The ambiguity in empathy literature make it a difficult concept to understand and study. Yet, philosophers, researchers, and clinicians  all agree that empathy is a crucial skill to effective human interactions. In addiction, despite the lack of a clear definition of empathy there is some evidence that empathy can be identified in others and taught as a skill.  (FERNANDEZ 2002)