Role Modeling

"STUDYING FAMOUS EMPATHETIC PERSONS. Learning activities which focus students' attention on the lives and achievements of famous empathetic persons have been shown to increase children's desire to be like these people and to take on attitudes and behaviors associated with them (Dixon 1980). People who have been the focus of such learning activities include Florence Nightingale, Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Schweitzer, and Mother Theresa."
(Cotton 1992)*

Role modelling
"Consistently providing empathic care with patients is hard. It is harder if little empathy is expressed for you as a healthcare worker. Hence a culture of empathy requires all healthcare staff, from government mandarins to ward cleaners, need to receive and model empathy, creating systems and processes that support it. Patient representatives also need to be involved not merely to let their views be known, but to find ways that they might change behaviour to enhance how they behave towards healthcare practitioners."