• "The largest study on the topic as of yet has dismissed the widely-held theory 
  • Researchers behind the findings claim there to be 'no evidence' of any such links
  • Instead, family income, language skills and housing play more important roles"

Want to raise empathetic kids? Get them a dog.
Author: Denise Daniels is a child development and parenting expert specializing in the social and emotional development of children.

Benefits of having a pet,Here are five ways in which pets can help children develop their EQ.
  • By developing empathy
  • By teaching responsibility and boosting self-esteem
  • By reducing stress
  • By helping a child learn to read
  • By helping children express their emotions

Why Having A Pet Teaches Your Child Empathy
Author: Waldo
(Empathy and Animals) Why Having A Pet Teaches Your Child Empathy | Empathy and Compassion |
Here are three ways that pets help with emotional development in children:
  • Teaches responsibility...
  • Helps cultivate empathy. 
  • Kids are inherently focused on their own needs, so having to take to care for a pet will teach them to focus on the needs of others...
  • Develops compassion...
  • + Increases emotional intelligence 
  • + Think of others instead of just self.

Human Development and Family Studies,
Kansas State University

The Young Children's Empathy Measure is a brief measure of young children's cognitive and affective perspective taking developed to assess preschool children's empathy. The Cronbach alpha coefficient of internal reliability for the empathy score was acceptable and internal reliability across four raters was very high.  

The children's empathy scores were correlated with their ages and social development, but not with their IQs.  Empathy toward children was correlated with empathy for pets, and children with a strong pet bond had higher scores on empathy for children than young children without pets. "

"Research shows that people who have an attachment to a pet are actually more empathetic, with one recent study conducted by the American Humane Association showing how having an animal in the classroom increases students’ feelings of compassion and empathy towards one another."

New study highlights educational value of pets in the classroom
"A class hamster, guinea pig, lizard, or even goldfish can be fun and exciting for schoolchildren, but it also has real educational, leadership and character-building value, according to a new study published today by American Humane Association in collaboration with the Pet Care Trust. Phase I of the two-phase 

“Pets in the Classroom” study features surveys and interviews of nearly 1,200 teachers and reveals that having a class pet can teach children important values like compassion, empathy, respect, and responsibility for other living things, as well as give them much-needed leadership skills and stress relief. "


Therapy dogs help Nacogdoches ISD students learn lessons about empathy
Golden retriever, Hope and Australian shepherd, River are both certified therapy dogs. (Source: KTRE Staff)
"Just over a week ago, we told you how pet therapy is becoming increasingly popular in hospitals and nursing homes"