Empathise methods

The following are our favourite Empathise methods:

  • Assume a beginner’s mindset
  • Ask What-How-Why
  • Ask the 5 whys
  • Conduct interviews with empathy
  • Build empathy with analogies
  • Use photo and video user-based studies
  • Use personal photo and video journals
  • Engage with extreme users
  • Story share-and-capture
  • Bodystorm
  • Create journey maps
  • "Empathic modelling (experiencing with your own body the physical situations of others) is a strategy that helps to stretch a person’s empathic horizon."

Empathic Design: User Experience in Product Design
Edited by:
  •  Ilpo Koskinen 
  • Katja Battarbee 
  • Tuuli Mattelmäki

"Empathic Design explores low-tech, cheap, and quick-n-dirty methods for studying user experience in the early phases of the design process. It also explores ways to combine design with interpretive social science. Most work in this book is based on studies conducted with companies; many writers are in business.  
(KOSKINEN + 2003)