Did You Know Breathing Deeply Can Boost Your Empathy
by McKinley Corbley
Did You Know Breathing Deeply Can Boost Your Empathy?   | Empathy and Compassion |

"Want to efficiently put yourself in someone else’s shoes? Try taking a deep breath. That’s because this new study has found that people who are better at being more physically aware of themselves through meditation or mindfulness are more empathetic and understanding of others. According to these researchers from the Department of Psychology at Cambridge University, the process of breathing deeply and bringing awareness to the body is called a “state of interoception”. Their published study shows that people who induce interoceptive states are more empathetic than those who aren’t as aware of their internal functioning."

Study: From heart to mind: Linking interoception, emotion, and theory of mind
  • Punit Shaha, 
  • Caroline Catmurd, 
  • Geoffrey Birde,