Learning and Practicing the Arts improves empathy.

Art Therapy

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Dell Medical School and Blanton Museum partner to teach empathy through art
March 31, 2017  

"The Dell Medical School partnered with the Blanton Museum of Art to teach medical students empathy through art. Faculty members at Dell Medical collaborated with Ray Williams, the Blanton’s director of education and academic affairs, to create three two-hour experiences to teach medical students empathy, observational skills and self-care....“This invitation to exercise your empathetic imagination that art and fiction give us is very relevant to the clinical work in terms of being able see beyond a diagnosis and beyond an illness to a real human experience,” Williams said."

The Empathy Project: Lantern Theater Company
"Lantern Theater Company is partnering with the Sidney Kimmel Medical College (SKMC) of Thomas Jefferson University to create an introduction to drama, acting, and playwriting for students of health professions, residents, and Jefferson faculty."

“The Empathy Project” offers turns med students into playwrights
"Lantern artistic director Charles McMahon refers to the project as “an emotional flight simulator.” By writing and enacting different scenarios in the classroom, he says, medical students who are used to facing incredible stress can “flex their emotional and interpersonal muscles in ways that sharpen them.”"


playing music improves empathy because you need to be attuned to the feelings of other musicians to interact with them.