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2016-02-29 LR

Monday, February 2911am PST/2pm EST/8pm CET  (1hr 30min)
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Nice meeting today.

We went around and shared empathy projects we worked on over the past 2 weeks.
Everyone has been working on some very interesting aspects.
Video of meeting is here.

We planned to review papers and we didn't get to that since we did a lot of background discussion. Please share some meeting insights..
  • I like, ...
  • I wish, ...
  • what if... 

I think we need to take better minutes of the meetings. Maybe have a rotation minutes taker? What do you think?

Next meeting will start 30 minutes earlier.
Monday Mar 15 - 10:30 PST.

Empathy Lesson Prototype Team
Sascha and I will start a Empathy lesson prototype meeting on every second Monday, starting March 7 at 11am PST.
We want to start creating some actual  empathy training lessons. Anyone with experience can join this new team. Sascha will send out more about this.


  • * about Yonty and conference grant application
  • * hosted HCD workshop.- training empathy. 
  • * Columbia School of Social Work empathy workshop 
  • * Helen Riess empathy training 
  • * emailed (DEXTER 2012)* 


  • * presented her work to fellow professors. Lots of questions came up. 
  • * Definitions of empathy to communications, PR, Public Affairs 
  • * can you measure empathy? 
  • * is empathy teachable? 
  • * neuroplasticity 
  • * do an empathy circle. 
  • * are you really talking about resilience 
  • * how to train it? 
  • * communications school doesn't teach empathy 

  • got a book deal with Springer to create a book from his empathy and leadership Dissertation when it is done.. He couldn't sleep for 2 days he was so excited.
  • attended iTrive game developers meeting in Chicago. they had the theme of empathy in games.