1858 Lotze

Rudolf Hermann Lotze
1817-1881 (German)
Philosopher and Logician

(some sources credit Lotze with translating Einfühlung into empathy, but that doesn't seem accurate, most say it was Titchener)

Mikrokosmus 1858
Coined 1858 by Ger. philosopher Rudolf Lotze (1817-81) from Gk. empatheia "passion," from en- "in" + pathos "feeling" (see pathos).

"Einfühlung may have been coined before Vischer by the philosopher Rudolf Hermann Lotze in his l869 Geschichte der Aesthetik in Deutschland. This work is mentioned in this connection in the Earl of Listowel, Modern Aesthetics: An Historical Introduction, New York, [Columbia] Teachers’ College Press, 1967, p. 50." (Depew 2005)