17?? Hume

David Hume 
Philosopher,  Economist, Historian (on sympathy)
Argues that foundations of morals lie with sentiment, not reason. 

"Sympathy, for Hume, is a principle for the communication and sharing of sentiments, both positive and negative. In this sense, it is akin to what contemporary psychologists and philosophers call empathy." Wikipedia

He says, "the minds of men are mirrors to one another, not only because they reflect each others emotions, but also because those rays of passions, sentiments, and opinions may be often reverberated, and may decay away by insensible degrees."

"Tis evident, that sympathy, or the communication of passions, takes place among animals, no less than among men"

David Hume 
We may under-value a peasant or servant; but when the misery of a beggar appears very great, or is painted in very lively colours, we sympathize with him in his afflictions; and feel in our heart evident touches of pity and benevolence.