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+ Intimacy

"It is suggested that low empathy skills contribute to poor interpersonal interactions and poor intimacy levels, and it has been shown that sexual offenders have lower levels of empathy than do other groups. (Fernandez, Marshall, Lightbody, & Sullivan, 1999)"  (FERNANDEZ 2002)

Fosters trust and intimacy in romantic couples
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6 Things You Need to Know About Empathy
Peg Streep
Jan 23, 2017
"Empathy. It’s the bedrock of intimacy and close connection; in its absence, relationships remain emotionally shallow, defined largely by mutual interests or shared activities."

What Is Empathy?
Greater Good,  Feb 05, 2014
"Empathy is good for your marriage: Research suggests being able to understand your partner’s emotions deepens intimacy and boosts relationship satisfaction; it’s also fundamental to resolving conflicts. (The GGSC’s Christine Carter has written about effective strategies for developing and expressing empathy in relationships.)"