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+ Cooperation

Conflict and isolation between individuals and groups negatively impact our societies at local, national and global levels. Empathy can combat this social isolation and conflict by helping people relate to others in ways that promote cooperation and unity (Konrath, O’Brien & Hsing, 2011)" (EVERHART + 2016)

Why Empathy Holds the Key to Transforming 21st Century Learning
By Thom Markham
NOVEMBER 16, 2016
"Empathy powers up inquiry and project based learning
Instruction is clearly headed in the direction of student-centered approaches such as inquiry and PBL. These approaches succeed in an atmosphere of care and positive relationships, both between student and teacher, and student and student. Classrooms that lack this foundation cannot succeed at project based work or open-ended questioning that relies on students’ ability to care about their learning. Setting up a culture of care is very much an exercise in making empathy central to daily work."