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(Keltner 2016)

The Secret to Being a Better Leader: See and Hear Others
By Dacher Keltner"

"Lincoln’s genius for power was simple. See people. Hear them. Talk freely with those who want to engage. Take in the thoughts of all people, no matter what their ideology or class background. Today we call that empathy — the understanding of what other people think and feel.

 In my new book, The Power Paradox: How We Gain and Lose Influence, I review the science that makes a similar point: Empathy gives rise to lasting and effective power in our personal and professional lives. If you want to make a difference in the world, or want that for your children, cultivate Lincoln’s genius for empathy.""

"Some groups proved to be more successful than others; they were the ones led by high-empathy individuals who were focused on others’ emotions, asked questions of others, and conveyed interest through subtle affirmations and head nods. Their acts of empathy empowered those around them to do more successful work."

Benefit Of Empathy
  • + Power
  • + Team performance. 
  • + focused on others’ emotion
  • + asking questions
  • +  affirmations
  • + conveyed interest
  • successful work
  •  more friends  
  • + better academically
  • + negotiation
  • + productivity
  • + innovation
  • satisfaction
  • + resolve conflicts
  • - stresses
  • labeling feelings = - stress, - anger
  • esteem
  • + influence

Problems when people have low empathy
  • disrespect
  •  + stress a
  • + diminished commitment
  • +  demeaning 
  • abusive 
  • paranoid