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(Ickes 1997)

BOOK: Empathic Accuracy 1st Edition
by William Ickes

Ickes, W 1997 Introduction. In W. Ickes (ed.) Empathic Accuracy , New York: Guilford Press, pp 1-16

Empathically accurate perceivers are those who are consistently good at 'reading' other people's thoughts and feelings. All else being equal, they are likely to be the most tactful advisors, the most diplomatic officials, the most effective negotiators, the most electable politicians, the most productive salespersons, the most successful teachers, and the most insightful therapists.
high empathy makes.
  • most tactful advisors, 
  • the most diplomatic officials, 
  • the most effective negotiators, 
  • the most electable politicians, 
  • the most productive salespersons, 
  • the most successful teachers, 
  • and the most insightful therapists.