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(GREENBERG + 2001)

"How Does Empathy Lead to Good Outcome? 
Four factors have been identified theoretically as potential mediators between empathy and outcome. Three of these are the processes of empathy as a relationship condition, as a corrective emotional  experience, and as a cognitive-affective processing condition. The fourth factor has to do  with the role of the client as an active self-healer.  
  • Empathy as relationship condition....
  • Empathy as corrective emotional experience....
  • Empathy and cognitive-affective processing...
  • Empathy and the client as active self-healer...."

Psychotherapy Volume 38/Winter 2001/Number 4
  • LESLIE S. GREENBERG - York University
  • JEANNE C. WATSON -  University of Toronto
  • ROBERT ELLIOTT - University of Toledo
  • Arthur C. Bohart - Saybrook Graduate School and Research Institute
"After defining empathy, discussing its measurement, and offering an example of empathy in practice, we present the results of an updated meta-analysis of the relation between empathy and psychotherapy outcome. Results indicated that empathy is a moderately strong predictor of therapy outcome: "