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(Batson 2010)

Benefits of Empathy-Induced Altruism 
by C. Daniel  Batson

"Empathy-induced altruism offers a number of benefits. Most obvious are the benefits that accrue to individuals whose needs elicit empathic concern, but research suggests that empathy-induced altruistic motivation can also benefit groups in need

It may even benefit the person experiencing this motivation. 
The potential benefits discussed in this chapter are:
  • more sensitive, and less fickle help;
  • less aggression and derogation of the victims of injustice;
  • increased cooperation and care in conflict situations, including conflict in bargaining and negotiations, ethnic, religious, and political conflicts, and racial conflicts in educational settings;
  • improved attitudes toward, and action on behalf of, stigmatized groups;
  • more positive close relationships, including friendships and romantic relationships;
  • and better mental and physical health for the altruistic helper"