International Empathy Trainers Association (IETA)

now forming

"Empathy is vital for subtle communication, sensitive social interaction, fine-tuned social awareness, and rapid, accurate responses to others' non-verbal indicators of their changing mental states. Practical benefits of empathy are how a parent can '”read” their infant's needs, how a dispute can be diffused before it leads to conflict, how different perspectives can be appreciated, and how we can live not just in our own heads but in others' heads too." Simon Baron-Cohen 

Together we stand stronger. We  find it very inspiring to know that many people share the same idea on empathy. The world could do with a lot more. 

Welcome to the initial website for the Empathy Trainers Association. We invite you to join with us to build this organization.

The International Empathy Trainers Association is a professional association for the mutual support, promotion and welfare of all our members. Our mission is to raise the importance of empathy as a human value around the world through training. We support members by;
  • advocating for the importance of empathy in all parts of society,
  • sharing training materials and resources,
  • setting and maintaining standards,
  • protecting and advancing mutual interests.
  • promoting social, advertising and political action to inspire families, schools, communities, organizations, businesses and government to support empathy training programs.
  • offering business support and leads to members,
  • maintaining a directory of empathy trainers that prospective clients can access,
  • and much more.

Benefits for Members
  • Access to training curriculum from other members.
  • Share training materials and resources.
  • A directory of empathy trainers that prospective clients can access. For Clients - If you're looking for a trainer you have a place to go 
  • Offer business support and leads to members. 
  • Discussion forums listservs.
  • add your ideas.

Join us in forming the Empathy Trainers Association.
We will hold a series of online meetings to design the Empathy Trainers Association. We invite prospective members to take part.

Google Group for Email Discussions
An ongoing discussion list. 

Facebook Event
Sign up and invite friends. 

Facebook Group 
Group to for  discussions on Facebook

Shared Google Doc
For shared working space.

A Few of the People that May Like to Join.
  • Empathy Trainers
  • Human-Centered Designers
  • Person Centered Approach Practitioners
  • Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Focusing Practitioners
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Practitioners
  • Nonviolence Community and Trainers
  • Peace Community and Trainers
  • Dynamic Inquiry Practitioners
  • Mediation Practitioners
  • Restorative Justice Practitioners
  • Restorative Practices Practitioners
  • Mindfulness Practitioners
  • Compassion Trainers
  • Educators
  • Etc

Edwin Rutsch