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Subject: Empathic Response to
April 15: Pro-Anti Trump Rallies in Berkeley MLK Civic Center Park


April 15: Pro-Anti Trump Rallies in Berkeley MLK Civic Center Park

On April 15, 2017, there will be Pro and Anti Trump rallies in Berkeley, MLK Civic Center Park.  At the last ‘March 4 Trump’ event on 3/4 in Berkeley there was violence between the Pro and Anti-Trump sides.   We can expect more confrontation at this event as well.

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This violence is creating a negative and violent image of Berkeley, liberals and progressives, etc. Authoritarianism feeds on fear, chaos and violence.  It could also be used as an excuse to use more repressive means in suppressing dissent. This is not a productive way forward for the country. We need an empathic approach that listens to everyone and supports mutual dialogue.

Empathic Response and Presence with the Empathy Tent.

We are organizing an empathic response and presence with the Empathy Tent.

More about the Empathy Tent

See a video of a past tent deployment:

Johan Galtung; principal founder of the discipline of peace and conflict studies.

Would You Support Empathy and Care? Sproul Plaza UC Berkeley

Sitting it out and not taking caring based action feeds the violence through acquiescence.

We are organizing an empathic response with the Empathy Tent to see the common humanity of all and offer

* Listening

* Dialogue

* Hugs

* Empathy Circles

* Circle Facilitation Training

* Conflict Mediation

* Mediation Training

* De-escalation

* Shared Action

* Creative Actions and Responses

* plus much more *

Empathy Tent Response: Call Empathic To Action

1(  )  Join the Facebook Event

2(  ) Spread the word and invite friends that may be interested to the FB Event.

3(  )  Email me

    Director: Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

4(  )  Take part in an empathic listening training, (in person or online with us).

   We use empathy circles for the training:

5(  )  Day of event, come to the Empathy Tent

 a(  )   Hold a peaceful, caring, empathic, nonviolent presence.

 b(  )   Offer listening to anyone at the tent.

 c(  )   Offer Empathy Circle facilitation

6(  ) Join the core team to design empathy, caring, nonviolent and peace building strategies.

Offering Listening at Hands around Lake Merritt

Empathy Tent at Downtown Berkeley




Edwin Rutsch

Director: Center for Building a Culture of Empathy