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  • Introductions
  • Empathy Circles. as a core practice and how we use then. 
  • Empathy Circles Practice. What would you like to offer or request for forming the empathy tent team? or whatever is alive for you.
  • How was that?

From Portland
nervous about doing the empathy work.
just do it. learn by doing. 
some people do practice, practice, practice, 

nervous and excited.
I was worried about my skill -I will not  able to offer empathy.
worried about violent situation. 

excited and grateful about people showing up.
gratitude, admire, creativity,  edwin.

wondering if others are feeling pushed out of discussions.  feel I'm bounced out.  this feels like a good fit and dialogue,.  not strong feelings of one side is right or wrong.

nice to be part of a group where it's valued. to be able to stand apart from raging sides. feel grateful for finding this group.

Joey Gibson Video on Facebook
Asks where is the liberal leadership on the left.