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Intention: Building a more empathic and caring world.

Introductions (5 min)

*Agenda Outline
  • Empathic Listening Practice (45 min)
  • Dave -  Empathy Circle Dialogues Week - Sproul Plaza
  • Rene  - Training Development For Indivisible. (15 min)
  • Any agenda topics to add?

* Empathic Listening Practice (45 min)
how are you about the upcoming  SF and Berkeley rallies.
This is a core practice that we do and build on at the empathy tent. We want  everyone to become comfortable with it so that you can listen, give and get support, be able to facilitate an empathy circle and be able to use active listening to mediate conflicts.

Topic: What is a feeling of concern, stress, anxiety, or fear you have? Or whatever is alive for you now?

* Improv Mirroring practice

Any Experiences with Hosting Empathy Circles?

Topics - Next Steps
  • Dave - 

     (15 min) 
    • Empathy Circle Dialogues Week - Sproul Plaza
    • Various pop-ups
  • Edwin - Indivisible Blue voters
  • Rene  (15 min) Training Development For Indivisible.
    • TriValley Democratic Club
    • How might democrats use mutual listening, dialog and empathy to overcome differences and  work together more effectively?
  • Pablo - Reaching out to Young Rep and Dems 
Other projects
  • Timothy 
    •  Empathy Rally Development
    • Empathy 
  • Lou - Creating Empathy Circle training Video?

Ideas for next Steps
How was meeting 1 min each?

Thur 14th

Lou - nice wrap up
create a outline for the next class and share with all facilitators
(  x) Do Training Video

Next 2 weeks  - UCB.
  • Today 
  • Friday 

Next Week?
  • Wed  6 pm

Following Week.
  • 24th - 27?

Funding a Movement

Dems -