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2018-08-05: Marxism-Resilience

The Empathy Tent Team will offer empathy, listening, constructive dialog, and empathy training for all parties at these rallies: 

BerkeleySide: Organizer Amber Cummings is having a debate about communism, facilitated by the Empathy Tent, with a protester

BerkeleySide: Amber Cummings and a counter-protester debate the merits or dangers of communism, facilitated by an “Empathy Tent” representative. Photo: Natalie Orenstein
“We’ve had minimal violence today and that’s always our goal,” she said. “We said our side and they said theirs. They openly say they support communism.” At one point, she had an extended, measured debate with an anti-fascist protester, facilitated by the “Empathy Tent,” wherein they argued for and against Medicare and whether the LGBTQ community was more protected by or put in danger by communism.

No to Marxism in America 2 Rally
Organized by Amber Gwen Cummings and Lindsay Grathwohl
Sunday, August 5, 2018,  4pm to 7pm
Martin Luther King Jr, Civic Center Park
2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way,  Berkeley,

A Prayer for STOP The Violence
by Will Johnson
Sunday at 12 PM - 2 PM

Counter Rally 

Sweep Out the Fascists: A Festival of Resilience
Sunday, August 5 at 2 PM - 7 PM
Hosted by Alex Garcias
short url http://j.mp/2Lziqrl 
Endorsed by:
FB: Sweep Out the Fascists: 8/5 Socialist Contingent

Empathy Circles
If would would like to take part, and support this effort email EdwinRutsch@gmail.com

Pre Event Empathy Circles
The Empathy Tent team will host online and in person empathy circles between the different communities that want to be heard and want to take part in constructive dialogs. These will happen now up until the Aug 5 rally. 

Event Empathy Circles
During the event we plan to hold empathy circles in and around the Empathy Tent.

Post Event Empathy Circles
We will hold empathy circles after the event.

Willing To Take part in an Empathy Circle

To Invite Left - open invitation

To Invite Right - open invitation

Pre - Circles

Listening to David Carson, Right Wing supporter before Berkeley Aug 5, Anti Communist Rally. Empathy Tent offers listening and Empathy Circle facilitation to all sides. We invite you from the: left, right, center, or anywhere to take part. You talk and we will listen. 

YouTube Video

Empathy Circle with Reverend Aaron - Punks for Progress

YouTube Video

Sample Empathy Circles

Empathy Circles from Sproul Plaza rally Sep 14, 2017
Sample of Empathy Circle with Amber Cummings and a Leftist

Amber is the organizer of this event.

YouTube Video

"I wanna give a shout out to the Empathy tent guys. Great group and really enjoyed my chat tonight. I really do like this idea and the people who run it. Great people and great idea...  Again Edwin, I want you to know I love this empathy tent Idea. I see much progress being made through a program like this that was a genius idea" Amber Cummings

Nine Arrested During Protest of Berkeley Shapiro Event

"Amber Cummings, the self-designated (but no-show at least in this female persona) organizer of the August 27 right-wing non-rally at Berkeley's MLK Park, engages in dialogue with (presumably) a protester against Ben Shapiro's appearance on the UC Berkeley campus. The Empathy tent,a fixture at recent contentious demonstrations, is maintained by volunteers who offer to listen to everyone."

Samples of Empathy Circles with Joey Gibson,
one of the Rally Organizers

Conservative "Based Stickman" enters "The Empathy Tent."
By rodwebber 
Sep 29, 2017
"My left-leaning friends may banish me to the far reaches of the earth for this... That said-- I think there is something to be learned from sitting down with people you disagree with and speaking to them in a civil manner. Obviously, in recent months, tensions at UC Berkeley have lead to anger, hostility, violence and riots. This passed week, former Breitbart editor, Milo Yiannopoulis scheduled a “Free Speech Week,” evidently intent on inflaming tensions once again. In response, David Gottfried & Edwin Rutsch have been putting up an "Empathy Tent.” Their hope for the tent is that it would be a place for dialogue between left and right leaning activists"