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2017-08-26(+27): Berkeley

Empathy Tent Pop-Up: Berkeley

The Empathy Tent will be there to offer listening, facilitated dialogue, empathy circle facilitation and mediation. We come to listen to everyone and all sides. We invite you to come by the tent and talk about whatever you want. There are no limitations on what you can talk about or say. You talk and we will listen. Also come volunteer to be a listener and dialog facilitator. Be part of the solution.


2017-08-26 - San Francisco - Crissy Field 
(Canceled by organizers)
Free Speech San Francisco
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The Alt-knights are planning on setting up camp, first on 26 August 2017 for the “Free Speech San Francisco” rally, hosted by the media outlet “Patriot Prayer” in Portland Oregon, and

San Francisco Peacefully Unites Against White Nationalists

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Saturday, August 26 at 2 PM - 5 PM
 They're coming to San Francisco. They're trying to intimidate us.They think there are more of them than there are of us. Let's prove them wrong!
Calling all Drag Performers and Sparkly Freaks on Saturday, August 26 at Crissy Field to protest this:

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We hold an empathy dialog circle with two of the organizers of upcoming rallies this Saturday, Aug 26, 2017 in San Francisco. We build some bridges and foster some mutual understanding before the rallies.

Joey Gibson: 
Organizer:  'Free Speech San Francisco Rally'

Megan Rohrer 


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"Show the alt-right, white nationalists that SF is the city that knows how; by providing an alternative to hate, confrontation and aggression. On Saturday, August 26, the white right and their friends will be having a "Freedom Rally" to essentially provoke a violent response and garner attention. "

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We are not advocating violence or physical conflicts. We are advocating participants -- young, old, brave, bold; show up in force, create signs and disrupt the agenda of the unwelcomed hate groups. One voice. One people. One love. United we will stand.

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Hoping to get st least 50 cars and Bikers to attach flags and run down 101 S to kick off the Patriot Prayer rally at Crissy field in San Francisco. 

For the 26th we ended up going to Berkeley Civic Center park due to SF event being canceled.

Timothy Regan's story of mediating a conflict at the Empathy Tent.

YouTube Video

2017-08-27 - Berkeley - Civic Center Park
We were at the Berkeley rallies Aug 27th.. The police didn't allow the Empathy Tent into the park due to all the restrictions, so we set up in the very center of the park on the fountain with our sign and offered listening, dialog, empathy and hugs.

I got there at around 8 am and joined two women who were sitting in the heart of the park, directly on the covered fountain. There were only one or two others, besides the police, in the part at that hour. 

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"In America we have Marxism being taught in our schools and communities. Berkeley is a ground zero for the Marxist Movement and we need to speak out and say NO to Marxism. This event is our chance to speak out and expose the plan of purging our nation from a free nation to a communist nation. We will not tolerate this in America. So we are asking people to come stand against Marxism."


"We're residents of the Bay Area -- people of color, working class people, immigrants, queer, gay, bi, and trans people, liberals, leftists, and others. We think it's time to get together, to celebrate our differences in solidarity, and peacefully speak out against the hateful currents in American society."



A List of Berkeley Rallies and Counter-Protests

Berkeley's mayor urges people to stay away, but counter-protests are planned for those who refuse to stay home and eat sheet cake.

"The far right has long had a fascination with holding events in Berkeley, as a sort of finger in the eye to one of the most liberal college campuses in America. But Sunday’s planned demonstration, on the heels the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville and in the shadow of the just-permitted Patriot Prayer rally at Crissy Field, has many Berkeley and Bay Area residents motivated to show up and drown out what they see as an attempted show of force by neo-Nazis, skinheads, and white supremacists....

How Berkeley can counterprotesters be? Check out Empathy Tent Pop-Up, which according to their Facebook invite, is “offering free empathic listening, dialogue, empathy circles, circle facilitation training, conflict mediation, mediation training, de-escalation, arts and empathic design.” They’ll be right in the teeth of the No to Marxism rally all day Sunday at Civic Center Park, bongo drums will not be provided."

Invitatioto take part in an empathy dialog circle with the other side.

We sent invitations to the following rally organizers to take part in empathy dialog circle before the rallies for foster understanding and possible help with deescalation and possible violence.