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2017-07-29: Resistance Fair

Empathy Tent PopUp @Congressman DeSaulnier's Resistance Fair
Diablo Valley College
321 Golf Club Rd, Pleasant Hill,  California 94523  (Facebook event)
The Empathy Tent Team with Congressman Mark Desaulnier. From left to right, Travia, Edwin, Congressman Mark Desaulnier, Stephanie, Rene, Lou and Joan.

A short report from our Pop-up at Resistance Fair in Pleasant Hill at Diablo Valley College.

Empathy Tent Goes to Congress
Photo of the Empathy Team with Congressman Mark Desaulnier (CA 11) today.. Mark has agreed to be the first congressional representative to take part in an empathy circle in the tent, dialoguing with their constituents about healthcare. Looking forward to it    http://j.mp/ProtectCare

Once we do this first one, we will move on to other congressional representatives.  Lou (second right)  is from Petaluma and wants to see if his congressman will take part in an empathy circle. Can you line up you representatives? 

We would also like to hold left-right empathy circles with the congressional representatives talking across the political divide as the next stage.. 

We talked with a lot of people at the event.

Two groups said they want us to come out and give talks at their meetings.

We made a lot of contacts. Including two lawyers who said they have mediation training but don’t use it much. They want to volunteer to offer listening and mediation. Have a stack of business cards and volunteer forms people filled out that we need to type up and do followups with.

Also, one of the teachers at the Diablo Valley College there was interested in working together in hold a Human Centered Design workshop training.

Lots of people come by and say, “I just love this”.