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2017-07-14: d.School

Empathy Team goes to Stanford Design School.
Introductory Design Thinking Workshop July 14, 2017!

8 of us from the Empathy Tent Team and Big Ideas went to the Stanford Design School. (D.school) -  Introductory Design Thinking Workshop Training. Some people think the EmpathyTent.com  team is looking through rose colored glasses, but we’re much more creative than that. We create and look through all kinds of wild glasses. You can too…


  • Dave
  • Edwin
  • Karin
  • Rene
  • Travia
  • Lisa,
  • Aaron
  • daughter

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A really good paper:

IDEO Article: Empathy on the Edge 
Remarkable things can happen when empathy for others plays a key role in problem-solving. In today’s global marketplace, companies are being asked to design for increasingly diverse users, cultures, and environments. These design challenges can be so systemic and wickedly complex, the task of aligning all of a project’s stakeholders can seem impossible.

But it’s not. Design empathy is an approach that draws upon people’s real-world experiences to address modern challenges. When companies allow a deep emotional understanding of people’s needs to inspire them—and transform their work, their teams, and even their organization at large—they unlock the creative capacity for innovation.”


An Overview of the Empathic Design Process
(also called human-centered design or design thinking.)
many introductory videos. http://j.mp/1etRAMq