Sign: I Support

At an Empathy Tent popup, or at rallies, we walk through the crowds and ask people,  "Do you support building a culture of empathy?" 
We have a sign that says,. I Support Building a Culture Of Empathy.

People may ask, "What does that  mean?"
This becomes a conversation starter.  On the other side of the sign it says. 
Means: Mutual Listening, Constructive Dialogue, Collaborative Action, Common Humanity

Then we talk about these aspects and deepen the dialogue and advocate for these values.

Take A Photo
If they are  willing to take a photo, we have them hold the sign and we take a photo.
The photos are later shared on Facebook.

Foster Mutual Dialogue
If people from both opposing sides say they support building a culture of empathy, then that may be a way to bring them together to talk about;
"How might we together build a culture of empathy?"
We can say both of you value a culture of empathy, let's talk about it. 
We work toward some form of agreement and collaborative action.

Create a list of typical responses 
We can create a list of typical responses to the question and write them down here.

If people seem to be 'against' empathy, on the other side of the sign it says 
"I'm Against A Culture of Empathy". 
That response becomes a conversation and we say we want to empathize with why they are against empathy.

Maybe we could have other signs like.
"I half way support a Culture of Empathy."

Sample Photos.

Take signs and ask if people support them. 
Take photos of them holding the signs. Distribute on Facebook, Instagram, etc. People can get a picture holding up a sign that says,
  •  I Support: Listening, Empathy and Dialogue.
  •  I Support: The Empathy Movement