Empathy Tent

The empathy tent is a great platform for posting signs for messaging. 

This page is empathy based messaging.. for signs we have and signs we need.  The empathy tent has 10' x 10'  panels that we can use to put signs or messages on. Also, along the top is a 10" by 10' strip. This can hold a sign as well.  Signs can be added with Velcro.

The tent/canopy we got was from UnderCover.
10' x 10' Super Lightweight Aluminum Instant Canopy

( x ) We have 2 (10' x 10') Empathy Tents. (Canopies)
They are aluminum, frame so are lighter and easier to carry than many.

They have Velcro strips along the top so we can Velcro 8.5' x 10' banners.
The "HEAL OUR EMPATHY DEFICIT" banner is an example.

( ) We need someone that has a sewing machine to sew velcro strips on the canopy.

(x) 4 Wall Enclosures 10'x10'
Good for making big signs on.
Been using black tape to make the letters.

How to Set Up

Canopy Sources

UnderCover - UC-3
10 x 10 -  This is the original canopy got in Berkeley. It is very light weight and one person can set up up.

Bob Brown got this one for the LA Empathy Tent Expensive. says, 'Very well made, very sturdy fame. Thick, durable plastic canopy.'