eMovA : an innovation transfer 

eMovA project is an innovation transfer of Euro-DIM system.

The Euro-DIM system, funded under the call for proposals 2011 - Leonardo Da Vinci - Innovation Transfer is a tool full package for an integrated mobility into apprenticeship training.

In Euro-DIM system, virtual mobility is a complement to physical mobility in order to remove language and cultural barriers and ensure the learning quality of physical mobility. It aimed primarily oral activities synchronous communication (videoconferencing) and writing (chat, instant messaging).

Website of Euro-DIM project : http://www.cfpast.com/eurodim/


  Results of the experiments

Satisfaction surveys have attested that these activities were highly appreciated apprentices and teachers. All beneficiaries have recognized the contribution of virtual mobility culturally and linguistically. And three quarters of the participants felt that virtual mobility makes them more confident for the physical mobility.

Virtual mobility thus has a strong motivational power that eMova project plans to operate more broadly to develop not only linguistic and cultural skills, but also digital skills to develop transversal competences such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, communication, autonomy, working in a team, etc..

The difficulties to substain actions of virtual mobility after Euro-DIM project

- Difficulty to organize in apprenticeship system
The rhythm of alternation (school/enterprise) varies from a country to another, and from one school to another.
The program when the apprentices are in school, are usually very intense.

- Necessity to assist the training actors in the use of ICT
Today, everybody uses ICT in life to entertain, communicate, work… But their use in classroom is still limited according to countries.

- Virtual mobility needs time and partners to organize actions of virtual mobility.

So eMovA project aims to overcome the barriers in order to develop virtual mobility in apprenticeship.

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