The three objectives of eMovA project are :


OBJECTIVE 1- To provide pedagogical materials/educational scenarios for collaborative experiences


These activities will be in a context of teaching and learning. They can take place in fully virtual or blended learning environment. Three types of activities have been identified and will be virtualized as part of the production activities of virtual mobility :
- activities of collaboration
- activities of valorization
- activities of teaching

This typology is based on the nature of the virtualized activities and considers virtual mobility as both an alternative and complement to exchange programs. Furthermore, to ensure the impact of virtual mobility, eMova project will pay attention to the innovative nature of the proposed activities. To this end, the issue of pedagogy will be central throughout the project. The activities will be based primarily on active learning and co-construction of knowledge according to connectivist model. The use of ICT will support these learning: TBI, video conferencing, social networking, social web, e-portfolio, as well as the use of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.).


OBJECTIVE 2- To assist the training actors in the pedagogical use of ICT for virtual mobility



ICTs are ubiquitous in life, to entertain, communicate, work ... However, their educational use is still limited despite the opportunities they offer. To change practices and facilitate educational appropriation of ICTs, the project eMovA will offer video tutorials designed to show and explain the potential and pedagogical use of ICT for virtual mobility.




OBJECTIVE 3 : To create a web space to inform the target audience and facilitate the collaborations between the members


The tools and pedagogical materials and information about virtual mobility will be available on a web space dedicated on the EAS platform. The web space will also allow the communication and exchange between the members of EuroApprenticeship. The device will be open to share new tools and materials created directly by users.