[01/02/2018] EmotiW 2018 website is live now [LINK].
[05/01/2018] EmotiW 2017 Summary Presentation - [PDF].
[27/10/2017] Preliminary program posted. 
[13/10/2017] Prof. Nadia Bianchi Berthouze and Assoc. Prof. Stefanos Zafeiriou and will present the keynote talks.
[30/08/2017] Paper acceptance notification will be shared on 2nd September. 
[12/08/2017] Paper submission detail page updated.
[22/07/2017] The Test data the audio-video based sub-challenge  has been shared through the OneDrive folder.
[20/07/2017] The Test data for the audio-video based sub-challenge will be shared on the 22nd July. Dates section has been updated.
[16/07/2017] The Test data for the group-based sub-challenge has been shared through the OneDrive folder.
[16/07/2017] Challenge details and Submitting results pages have been updated.
[04/07/2017] Dates section has been updated.
[05/06/2017] Challenge details page has been updated.
[13/05/2017] Audio-Video based emotion recognition sub-challenge data released. FAQ section has been updated.
[12/05/2017] Challenge details page has been updated with the baseline result for the Group-based emotion recognition challenge.
[24/04/2017] Group-level emotion recognition sub-challenge Train and Validation data released.
[01/03/2017] Challenge website up!

EmotiW 2017 Summary Presentation - [PDF]

Audio-Video Sub-challenge Winners
1. Learning Supervised Scoring Ensemble for Emotion Recognition in the Wild - Ping Hu, Dongqi Cai, Shandong Wang, Anbang Yao and Yurong Chen.
2. Convolutional neural networks pretrained on large face recognition datasets for emotion classification from video - Boris Knyazev, Roman Shvetsov, Natalia Efremova, Artem Kuharenko.
3. Temporal Multimodal Fusion for Video Emotion Classification in the Wild - Valentin Vielzeuf, Stéphane Pateux and Frederic Jurie.

Group-based Sub-challenge Winners
1. Group Emotion Recognition with Individual Facial Emotion CNNs and Global Image Based CNNs - Lianzhi Tan, Kaipeng Zhang, Kai Wang, Xiaoxing Zeng, Xiaojiang Peng and Yu Qiao. 
2. Group-Level Emotion Recognition using Deep Models on Image Scene, Faces, and Skeletons - Xin Guo, Luisa Polania and Kenneth Barner.
3. A New Deep-Learning Framework for Group Emotion Recognition - Qinglan Wei, Yijia Zhao, Qihua Xu, Liandong Li, Jun He, Lejun Yu and Bo Sun.

Baseline paper
: Abhinav Dhall, Roland Goecke, Shreya Ghosh, Jyoti Joshi, Jesse Hoey and Tom Gedeon, From Individual to Group-level Emotion Recognition: EmotiW 5.0, ACM ICMI 2017 [PDF].

The fifth Emotion Recognition in the Wild (EmotiW) 2017 challenge will be held at ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI) 2017, Glasgow. EmotiW 2017 consists of two sub-challenges: 
2. Audio-video emotion recognition

EmotiW Challenge was organised at ACM ICMI 2016, Tokyo [EmotiW 2016] 
Third EmotiW Challenge was organised at ACM ICMI 2015, Seattle [EmotiW 2015]
Second EmotiW Challenge was organised at ACM ICMI 2014, Istanbul [EmotiW 2014]
First EmotiW Challenge was organised at ACM ICMI 2013, Sydney [EmotiW 2013]