The fifth Emotion Recognition in the Wild challenge 2017 - [LINK

[11/11/2016] Challenge winners announced below on this page
[04/10/2016] Preliminary program schedule posted
[19/09/2016] CFP: IEEE International Conference on Identity, Security, Behavior Analysis (ISBA) 2017 
[31/07/2016] Paper submission deadline extended to 10th August (firm deadline).
[21/07/2016] Paper submission portal open
[13/07/2016] Group-level emotion test data released
[09/07/2016] FAQ section updated
[08/07/2016] Test data for video based emotion recognition sub-challenge released; Details updated on Paper submission and Challenge details pages
[29/06/2016] Submitting results details added
[18/06/2016] AFEW 6.0 meta-data uploaded in the OneDrive link; Dates section updated
[27/05/2016] Challenge details and FAQ pages updated
[24/05/2016] Group-level emotion sub-challenge data released; The challenge details page has been updated.
[25/04/2016] Aligned faces, features and facial points for AFEW 6.0 Train and Val sets uploaded on the OneDrive links. New FAQ section.  
[21/04/2016] Sub-challenges details page is online. The video based emotion recognition sub-challenge Train and Val data is shared.
[15/04/2016] AFEW Train and Val data will be released on 20/04/2016.

Challenge Winners!

Video based emotion recognition

1 Team Xers - Y. Fan, X. Lu, D. Li, and Y. Liu. Video-based Emotion Recognition Using CNN-RNN and C3D Hybrid Networks

2 Team CCL – A. Yao, D. Cai, P. Hu, S. Wang, L. Shan, Y. Chen - HoloNet: towards robust emotion recognition in the wild

3 Team Bravi - S. Bargal, E. Barsoum, C. Ferrer Canton, and C. Zhang. Emotion Recognition in the Wild from Videos using Images

3 Team SEU – J. Yan, W. Zheng, Z Cui, C. Tang, T. Zhang, Y. Zong, and N. Sun – Multi-cue Fusion for Emotion Recognition in the Wild

Group based emotion recognition 

1 Team NUS - J. Li, S. Roy, J. Feng, and T. Sim - Happiness Level Prediction with Sequential Inputs via Multiple Regressions

2 Team ADSC - V. Vonikakis, Y. Yazici, V. Dung Nguyen, and S. Winkler - Group happiness assessment using geometric features and dataset balancing

3 Team BNU - B. Sun, Q. Wei, L. Li, Q. Xu, J. He, and L. Yu - LSTM for Dynamic Emotion and Group Emotion Recognition in the Wild


The fourth Emotion Recognition in the Wild (EmotiW) 2016 challenge will be held at ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI) 2016, Tokyo. EmotiW 2016 consists of two sub-challenges: 

1. Video based emotion recognition 
2. Group based emotion recognition 

Third EmotiW Challenge was organised at ACM ICMI 2015, Seattle [EmotiW 2015]
Second EmotiW Challenge was organised at ACM ICMI 2014, Istanbul [EmotiW 2014]
First EmotiW Challenge was organised at ACM ICMI 2013, Sydney [EmotiW 2013]

Other event of interest we are organising-

Third Workshop on Computer Vision for Affective Computing (CV4AC) @ Asian Conference on Computer Vision 2016 [LINK]