Emotional Disturbance Resource Websites

1.   Education.com: Emotional Disturbance
Created byRonald Fortune and the Education.com team
This website is very helpful because it gives teachers and parents information about emotional disturbance including how to help but also plenty of other information and articles.  They also have each grade level listed with information and activities for each grade level. As well as being helpful to teachers it can also be very helpful to parents who really want information on what might be wrong with their child and how to help.

Created by: National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
This website is very helpful and thorough.  It has information on everything related to emotional disturbance including the definition according to IDEA and the possible causes, characteristics, frequency and how to help.  It also has links to other sites that have more information on the topic.  There is also information relating to specific emotional disorders like anxiety disorders or bipolar disorders.

Created by: Zachary Fenell
I like this site because it has the definition of emotional disturbance according to IDEA.  It also has information of common traits, tips for parents and teachers like taking preventative strategies to help with acting out behavior.  It mentions how to help with disruptive behaviors with a behavioral intervention plan (BIP) and a link to more information on it.  Also the author as a mild form of cerebral palsy and grew up in an inclusive classroom.  He is a writer and he is now using his personal knowledge and abilities with writing to help others.

Created by:U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs  
I like this site because it gives us information about emotional disturbances as well as what services students with each disturbance could be eligible for by law.

Created By: The Watson Institute
This site is helpful because it has the definition of emotional disturbance according to IDEA.  It also describes each characteristic or specific emotional disturbance to know how to what to look for if the child is exhibiting those characteristics.

Created by: Dr. Andrea Ogonosky, School Psychologist 
I like this site because it is written by a trained school professional who has had experience working with children of all kinds.  It gives advice on how best to manage your students and how to help the ones that need it.  It describes needing to get to know your students, develop classroom rules, watch for triggers and be positive.

Created by: Iowa Department of Human Services
This site is helpful because it defines serious emotional disturbances and describes the eligibility of a child for Child's Mental Heath (CMH) waiver services.  This is categorized specifically for children in Iowa so this is a site that can be useful there especially.

Created by: Do2Learn
This website provides the definition of emotional disturbance and it also describes some of the learning difficulties that a student with emotional disturbance might exhibit.  It also describes socialization and behavior problems the student may have.  This is helpful because when the teacher knows what to look for, they can better know how to help.

Created by: Partners Resource Network
This website is helpful because it has the definition of emotional disturbance according to IDEA.  It describes the characteristics of someone with emotional disturbance, what could be the causes, how to help and also specific disturbances like conduct and eating disorders.

Created by: Erin N. King 
This website provides the definition of emotional disturbance according to IDEIA and it also describes the general characteristics of someone with an emotional disturbance versus someone who is socially maladjusted   This is good information because it helps teachers know what to look for and distinguish what a child with an emotional disturbance actually acts like.  It will help the teacher make sure that the child may be eligible for services or not.

Five Additional Resources
Created by: Specialized Education Services, Inc.
This website is very useful for educators who are designing personalized academic and behavioral interventions. Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI) gives an overview of their programs along with a detailed list of academic and behavior interventions that they use and have found to be effective. Even if not looking to use the SESI program, the interventions listed are good to use when developing a program for a student with an emotional disturbance.

Created by: Kids Mental Health
This website gives background information on behavioral and emotional disorders as well as information on behavior, cognitive and family therapy. This resource has important information for both parents and teachers. It provides explanations on how each therapy would be implemented and the benefits of each which would be useful for educators, but also includes things for families to keep in mind when deciding on what services are best for their child.

Created by: WETA
This site is a good resource if you are looking for background information on emotional disturbances. It gives a good definition and characteristics to look for which are helpful for parents or teachers who want to know more on the disorder. The other area which is discussed is educational implications for children with emotional disturbances. This is very important because it you a general idea of what to expect when working with a child with an emotional disturbance in an educational setting.

Created by: PACER
This website is a resource center for parents of children with disabilities. However, the emotional or behavioral disorders section has some great resources for parents. They provide some great free downloads about school wide behavior programs and creating a positive behavior intervention plan to name a few. This would also be a good website for teachers to show to parents who need help understanding their rights and responsibilities pertaining to special education services for their child.

Created by: Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center(ECLKC)
This website gives definitions, characteristics of emotional disturbances and brings important  information from other resources, such as IDEA and NICHCY, to one place. It also goes more information about specific emotional disturbances. This is important for teachers to understand the characteristics of each disorder because that might affect how they approach teaching these students.